Now you can watch live and on-demand cycling in HD wherever you are with your existing Cycling.TV subscription - at home, at work, or the top of an HC climb... The Cycling.TV app gives you access to the very best in pro racing including the UCI World and Europe Tours through live coverage and on-demand highlights. Receive notifications direct to your device whenever new content is available and get alerts for live races - all with the best English-language commentary in the business.

- HD streaming
- Live and highlight race coverage
- News
- Regular video features and interviews
- Airplay compatible (iOS App only)
- Push notifications for live races and highlights
- Cycling.TV subscription required

Cycling.TV now has two levels of subscription:
Subscribers in USA & Canada get all race content live and on demand, as well as regular video features and interviews.

Subscribers outside of USA & Canada can catch up on the action with short easily-digestible recap highlights of all our races, as well as regular video features and interviews.


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NOTE: If using an iPad or iPhone you will not be able to view video using Safari or any other browser - you must use the CTV iOS App in order to be able to see our video content.